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  • Abba, Source of Mercy
    Today’s Reflection ABBA, help me to be a source of your mercy. Teach me to forgive others before I seek forgiveness for my own actions. Grant me the courage to extend your love to the stranger and the needy. Amen. – Christopher Maricle The Jesus Priorities: 8 Essential Habits From page 48 of The Jesus […]
  • Decisions
    Today’s Reflection Decision Making WE HAVE TO MAKE many decisions, both small, often unconscious daily decisions and large, life-changing, and difficult decisions. In each small and large decision lies the possibility to be true to who we are or to go against our true nature. Usually several options present themselves, and we should feel free […]
  • What Is My Calling?
    Today’s Reflection What is my calling? Is there something specific I’ve been called to do? Which path do I take? There are so many choices. Which one do I choose? Is there really One who can guide me, help me make the right choice? If God is really out there calling me, why can’t I […]

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