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  • God’s Blessing
    Today’s Reflection THE PERSON IN NEED OF care is a beloved daughter or son of God. The identity is unchanged by weakness, illness, or death. When Jesus says, “Blessed are the poor” (see Luke 6:20), he is speaking not just of the poor economically but each of us, his beloved brothers and sisters, when we […]
  • The Immensity of God’s Love
    Today’s Reflection LET ME TELL you a story about a heavy burden I was carrying. I was feeling depressed about everything. By coincidence, I was in Flagstaff, Arizona, so I decided to go to the Grand Canyon. I saw this multimillion-year-old canyon and its place in an even older creation and thought that if that […]
  • God at Home with Us
    Today’s Reflection GOD IS NOT in the distant heavens or in the hidden depths of the future, but here and now. God has pitched a tent among us. Even more than that, God has made a home in us so that we can make God’s home our home. We find our way home to the […]

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