• Rev. Herman Jones
    Ansted Heritage Days

  • Pastor Dave Merryman with new members & newly baptized.

  • Passport to Peru
    Vacation Bible School
    Gilgal UMC

  • Creative Camp
    Lewisburg United Methodist Church

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  • Plain Talk
    Today’s Reflection CONSIDER YOUR prayer life. Do you just whisper a quick prayer before meals? Do you only pray when you face an emergency? Give new life to your prayer routine by praying throughout the day. Talk with God about the ordinary and extraordinary parts of everyday life, knowing that God will listen. – Missy […]
  • Our Spiritual Journey
    Today’s Reflection ALL OF LIFE is an opportunity to travel through a world that is “charged with the glory of God.” Because of God’s omnipresence, each journey has the potential to be a spiritual journey. We can catch glimmers of God’s presence “like shining from shook foil” in even the most ordinary settings — from […]
  • The Footprints of God’s Presence
    Today’s Reflection BLESSED GOD, I use this day as an occasion to look back upon the week I have lived. In doing so, I trace the footprints of your presence with me. I have seen you at work in the little things and the big things that have happened. I am particularly mindful of your […]

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