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  • Co-creators
    Today’s Reflection PART OF BEING an artist and co-creator with God comes in giving ourselves time and space to listen for the movement of the Spirit. We set time aside for paying attention to the interior movement, to the place where we connect with the Creator. —Valerie K. Isenhower, Meditation on Both Sides of the […]
  • Sacred Love
    Today’s Reflection WHEN THE HOLY ONE reaches out to us as pilgrim travelers and bids us to join the dance, it is an invitation to live with the knowledge we are never alone. The One Who Loves Us accompanies us through life, wanting nothing more than for us to be whole. This Lover waits patiently […]
  • Preparing the Soil
    Today’s Reflection WHEN I THINK of how God works in the life of the pilgrim, I remember the tireless work my dad put into preparing the soil for his garden. Just as he patiently readied the earth, so too God prepares the pilgrim’s heart to receive an encounter with Divine Love. Seasons before we become […]

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