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  • Give a Gift
    Today’s Reflection WHEN WE THINK of changing the world, we feel unequipped, overwhelmed. We say, How could I possibly change the world? How would I even begin? Begin by changing someone’s life in your own hometown, church, or family. Recently I received a gift — an unexpected gift I will forever treasure. After our recent […]
  • Christian Companions
    Today’s Reflection MEERKATS ARE among the most sociable creatures on earth. Because of their size, these small mammals must band together in order to survive the harsh conditions of the Kalahari Desert. From baby-sitting and grooming to hunting and defending, they do nearly everything together. Remarkably cooperative, they often display a high degree of selflessness. […]
  • Trust in God
    Today’s Reflection SOMETIMES LIFE SEEMS UNBEARABLE. Our hearts and minds are weighed heavily upon, and we struggle to let go of all that burdens us for fear of losing the illusion of control we have over our lives. We call upon your name today, O God, that you may free us from worry and all […]

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