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  • Union with God
    Today’s Reflection Genuinely compassionate action for enemies, even those who harm us, grows as we imagine ourselves sharing in Jesus’s experience of offering compassion even as he suffered. We experience what Jesus experiences. The Christian spiritual traditions describe this as becoming the image of Christ or entering into union with God. Although many people have […]
  • Begin with God
    Today’s Reflection The Christian tradition teaches that the route to compassion begins with God. Resting in Divine Compassion, we turn to offer compassion to ourselves. Once we find healing and wholeness there, the compassionate impulse invites us out into the world as agents of God, bearers of compassion—first for those dear to us and then […]
  • Radical Love
    Today’s Reflection One new understanding I’ve come to is this: We don’t have to conjure up love; love fills the core of our beings. The radical love at the heart of Christianity flows through every part of our lives. It nourishes our inner lives as we help nourish the world. It allows our outward acts […]

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