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  • Forgivingness and Family
    Today’s Reflection FORGIVENESS IS EASIER if we have opened ourselves to God’s love. When you ponder whether to forgive others, take a moment to imagine God’s loving you just as you are, with all your goodness and all your limitations. Breathe in that love, allowing it to reach all the dark places inside you. Feel […]
  • Holy Purposes
    Today’s Reflection IN THE RESURRECTION, God in Christ has given second wind to prayers that have not gone answered as we hoped and to those who have not been healed as we sought—and to a realm that, while long deferred, will bring holy purposes to chosen fulfillment. – John Indermark Gospeled Lives From page 73 […]
  • Sharing the Gospel
    Today’s Reflection GROWING UP, I assumed Jesus’ call to share the gospel meant I would travel across the ocean to a secluded village on the fringes of contemporary society. I figured I would have had extensive language training and given up my creature comforts. I watched in admiration – and perhaps envy – when I […]

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