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  • Trust in God
    Today’s Reflection GRACIOUS LORD, God of light and glory, you are the beauty I seek and the power to whom I entrust my life: enable me to rest in the knowledge of your love and care so that through the witness of my life, others might come to know you as you truly are. Amen. […]
  • Empowered Compassion
    Today’s Reflection JESUS INVITES US TO TURN THE OTHER CHEEK—to stand up to violation with dignity, personal power, courage, and a commitment to survive, even flourish, in the face of that which would degrade us. As such, the way of radical compassion does not diminish our humanity, minimize our needs for healing and wholeness, leave […]
  • Praying to Forgiveness
    Today’s Reflection FORGIVENESS STARTS with refusing to rehearse the hurt continually. … One way to stop rehashing an offense is to substitute prayer for negative thoughts. Such prayer embodies ancient Christian wisdom about how our inner world gets distorted and about how to straighten it out. We find these brief prayers in many places: favorite […]

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