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  • In the Wilderness
    Today’s Reflection JESUS’ EXPERIENCE in the wilderness (see Luke 4:1) reminds us that temptation is not a sin. Additionally, Jesus is not surprised or shocked by our temptations. However sinful they may seem to us, he knows how it feels to be tempted. Admitting our temptations to Jesus may be the most difficult part of […]
  • Follow
    Today’s Reflection JESUS SAYS to Levi, a tax collector, “Follow me.” Levi leaves everything and follows Jesus immediately and then throws a party for him. The party gets tense when the Pharisees and their scribes question Jesus for spending time with “sinners.” They know that Levi’s life and profession are messy and, according to their […]
  • Outrageously Lavish Love
    Today’s Reflection THE PARABLE of the prodigal son captures the essence of a loving and merciful God. Jesus, in telling this parable, not only assures us of just how outrageously lavish God’s love and mercy are but also presents us with his image of God. This parable is probably one of the most powerful pictures […]

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