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  • Humility
    Today’s Reflection IT TAKES HUMILITY before God to build and maintain healthy relation- ships at any age. If you seek first to understand another person, you are more likely to be understood. Make an effort to put yourself in the place of someone in a different generation and humbly ask God to give you new […]
  • Looking Back
    Today’s Reflection Voices of the Aging Parent It’s easy to get stuck in a muddy rut on Memory Lane. I intend to go for just a short drive but end up lost in the Good Ol’ Days. Just a glance at an old photo lures me to a time when life seemed better, easier. I […]
  • Seasons
    Today’s Reflection SOMETIMES you get so focused on the trials in a particular season that you miss the bigger picture of life. Meditate on how God’s purpose is unfolding in this season of your life. How do you feel about your current season? How do you relate to the voices of both autumn and winter? […]

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