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  • Crying
    Today’s Reflection IN HIS TELLING of the early Easter-morning encounter, John describes Mary as heartbroken. She has gone to the tomb hoping to give Jesus her last act of love by anointing his body. To her great distress, the stone has been rolled away, and the body of Jesus is gone. She is overcome with […]
  • Joy
    Today’s Reflection IT IS ALWAYS our responsibility to continually focus our hearts and minds—not on our past failures or sins, on our future concerns and worries, or on those ever-present struggles that come our way each day but on the God who raised Jesus from the dead. As we choose to do this with simple […]
  • Ahead
    Today’s Reflection JUST AS THE ANGEL promises those women at the empty tomb that the risen Jesus will go ahead into Galilee, so he goes before us to meet us in whatever situation may represent our Galilee. When we recognize his presence and respond to him, resurrection happens in the midst of our daily lives. […]

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