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  • The Gift of Solitude
    Today’s Reflection WHEN INTIMACY is rooted in solitude, you can become persons to each other—persons in the sense of [the Latin] personare, which means sounding through. Then intimacy allows us to sound through a truth wider than we can grasp, a peace deeper than we can fathom, a love greater than we can contain. —Henri […]
  • A Lasting Peace
    Today’s Reflection WE WILL PRAY for peace, recognizing where our own power ends and the power of God begins. We will pray with the confidence of those who are doing what they can but who do not delude themselves about the sufficiency of their own efforts. We will remember the one with whom we are […]
  • A Realistic Peace
    Today’s Reflection CLEARLY, a Christian understanding of peace means more than placidity on a personal level or polite resignation on a cultural level. Such simple-minded notions may even be what the founder of our faith renounced when he said that he did not come to bring peace but a sword. (See Matthew 10:34.) His own […]

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