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  • Story
    Today’s Reflection STORY IS THE PRIMARY WAY we impart what really matters to the next generation. Stories have the potential to embody biblical and theological content in ways that sink into the imagination, take root, and grow. – Sarah Arthur The God-Hungry Imagination From page 17 of The God-Hungry Imagination: The Art of Storytelling for […]
  • Walk Slowly
    Today’s Reflection THE BIBLE’S AUTHORS lived in a three-mile-per-hour world defined by feet rather than wheels or wings. Their world was much smaller, but they knew it more intimately. When I walk, I notice the squirrels in the trees and flattened grass where a rabbit has passed. I encounter smells, textures, and sounds that otherwise […]
  • A Guest’s Gifts
    Today’s Reflection MY DAD’S FAVORITE Gospel story — the text of his last sermon — shows Jesus again breaking bread, this time at a friend’s dinner table. That afternoon on the road to Emmaus, he and said friend Cleopas have seemingly happened upon each other, though Cleopas thinks he is walking with a stranger who […]

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