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  • Healing Our Wounds
    Today’s Reflection MY MINISTRY RADICALLY CHANGED when I realized that what we call our negative sides — anger, anxiety, complaining, criticizing, procrastinating, controlling, and so on — are usually deep inner cries for help. Perhaps they are cries from early childhood, rising from emotional wounds that never healed. We were told so often to get […]
  • Our Bodies Matter
    Today’s Reflection OUR BODIES MATTER in our faith. Our bodies matter in our spirituality. Our bodies matter in our prayer. Our bodies matter in our learning to follow the way of Jesus, in our receiving and responding to his transforming love for us. But the resistance runs deep. … Thinking about our bodies is complicated […]
  • Seeing God’s Love
    Today’s Reflection MAY I SEE TODAY the largeness of your love in even the smallest part of creation. May I be ravished by traces of your beauty in earth and sky. May I experience the eternity of your grace pulsing within each moment. – Earth Gospel: A Guide to Prayer for God’s Creation From page […]

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