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  • A Living Relationship
    This week’s featured book: One Day I Wrote Back by Jane Herring  Today’s Reflection When I began interacting with scripture though writing, a new relationship unfolded. I copied scripture word for word, questioning it, prodding the text to uncover what had not been said, speaking back to it about what I found confusing, too good […]
  • God’s Presence
      Words of Hope During COVID-19 Steve Harper, author of this week’s featured book, Talking in the Dark, has been quarantined with his wife in Sevilla, Spain, during the COVID lockdown. The practice he has found most helpful is practicing the presence of God, living in the here and now, enjoying this moment. Over the […]
  • Call to Prayer
      Words of Hope During COVID-19 Elizabeth Mae Magill, author of Five Loaves, Two Fish, Twelve Volunteers, says she wasn’t handling the COVID quarantine well—until one day when a woman in need called her. This phone call made her realize that she could find God by helping others.    Today’s Reflection We practice imperfect […]

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