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  • The Good Shepherd
    Today’s Reflection HOW COULD SHEEP stay protected without a door? The shepherd would lie down at night in the doorway. The shepherd would be the door. This is what people would have pictured when Jesus said, “I am the door for the sheep.” I recently saw these kinds of sheep pens in the Holy Land. […]
  • The Light of the World
    Today’s Reflection OUR DARKNESS is not always of our own making. Sometimes our paths are just cloudy. We can’t see the destination. We don’t know how the road will end. All we can do is trust Christ one step at a time. Sometimes our darkness is a result of our own actions. When we come […]
  • The Bread of Life
    Today’s Reflection YOU WOULD THINK Jesus would be encouraged by thousands of people searching for him, but he knew why they came. They were just looking for another miracle. They were driven by a need for fullness. Therefore Jesus told them that he could give something lasting and complete. In response, the crowd asked him, […]

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