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  • Healing Transformation
    Today’s Reflection NO MATTER HOW distorted and hurtful our powers within, they were originally created from the divine source, and they hold the potentiality for the unique and beautiful. … Our fear, when healed, becomes intuitive, empathetic compassion and sensitivity toward others. Our destructive anger, when healed, becomes a passion, a hunger and thirst for […]
  • Concern for Others
    Today’s Reflection THE MORE WE PRAY, the more we feel concern for others and the less we worry about our own accumulating. Most of us who have read the Bible at all know this truth in our hearts. Yet for those of us who live in the midst of a powerful materialistic machine, global capitalism, […]
  • What or Who Do You Trust?
    Today’s Reflection THE PRESSURE IN OUR CULTURE to secure our own future and to control our lives as much as possible does not find support in the Bible. Jesus knows our need for security. He is concerned that because security is such a deep human need, we do not misplace our trust in things or […]

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