• The Rev. John W. (Jack) Lipphardt (left) and Rev. J. F. Lacaria (right) deliver a tiny home to Brenda Rivers (center) who lost her home in the historic WV flooding in June.

    The Herald-Dispatch
    HUNTINGTON - After being one of thousands who lost their homes in the historic June flooding in West Virginia, one Monroe County resident was given a place of her own Monday tThe project known as Big Hearts, Tiny Houses, made possible through a partnership between the West Virginia Department of Education and Greater Recovery and Community Empowerment, sought to build more than a dozen tiny houses by relying on the skills of students in vocational schools across West Virginia.
    Brenda Rivers, 69, was among one of the first to receive her tiny house, which was delivered to her daughter's property in Monroe County. Her home in Talcott, West Virginia, was destroyed by the June floods. Since then, she has been living in a camper on her daughter's property.
    The tiny house Rivers now calls home was built by students at Spring Valley High School.

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  • Snack Time for Bethel's (Camden-Cowen-Craigsville) new Children's Sunday Evening Service.

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