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  • Faith and Lifestyle
    Today’s Reflection THE LINK BETWEEN the faith we profess and the lifestyle we live is crucial. … As Christians, as living witnesses in a secular world, no longer can we believe one thing and act a different way. The faith that truly guides us is reflected in our lifestyles. More often than not, that faith […]
  • Eyes-Open Prayers
    Today’s Reflection AS WE GO THROUGH the routines of our days, we encounter people and circumstances that remind us of God’s presence and goodness. We also encounter people and circumstances that remind us that we live in a broken and struggling world. These experiences provide opportunities for instant, spontaneous prayer. On my way to work […]
  • Gifts of Community
    Today’s Reflection WE CAN BE SURE that Jesus keeps his promise and that when we gather in his name, he will be with us. We are often blessed by being in community. We receive encouragement, guidance, comfort, and hope by participating in a community. … These gifts of community are available to us all, and […]

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