• Lewisburg United Methodist Church
    Youth Retreat at Snowshoe

  • "Floods of Love" Ladies with quilts made and distributed to those affected by the June flood.
    Meadow Bridge-Danese Charge

  • Lead Team at Wellspring

  • Part of the work team from a Presbyterian church in the Pittsburgh region who replaced interior walls & wiring in Bethel UMC, damaged by the June flood.

WALK THRU THE BIBLE - NEW TESTAMENT Mark Your Calendars for this exciting event on March 25, 2017 at Lewisburg United Methodist Church. Learn more about the New Testament than you ever thought possible in a few short hours. Walk where Jesus walked, relive the birth and growth of the early church, and travel with the apostle Paul as he shares the gospel with the world. By the end of the five-hour event, participants will: • Creatively learn in chronological order 77 key people, places, and events in the New Testament—without taking notes! • Learn to arrange in sequence the well-known events of the life of Christ. • Discover what happened during the 400 years between the Old and New Testaments. • Gain insights and understanding of the events in the book of Acts, the beginning of the church, and the missionary journeys of Paul.

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  • Carry a Little Quiet
    Today’s Reflection CARRY A LITTLE QUIET inside you while the world continues in rush and rage fighting and frenzy. Carry a little quiet inside you so that the worry and war trouble and tumult do not capture you in their grip. Tarry in the Son-filled meadow of the heart beside the still waters where God’s […]
  • Prayers for Those Who Morn
    Today’s Reflection GOD OF LOVE, many are lonely and grieving during this Advent season. Send your healing Spirit to all who mourn, that they may know your comforting presence with them. Amen. – Beth A. Richardson Child of the Light From page 59 of Child of the Light: Walking through Advent and Christmas by Beth […]
  • Prepare the Way of the Lord
    Today’s Reflection HOW DO WE WAIT FAITHFULLY for God in the wilderness? The prophet Isaiah says, “Prepare the way of the Lord; make his paths straight.” We pave a straight path for God through acts of kindness, justice, generosity, and compassion. When we love, God will come. “The one who is more powerful than I […]

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