Undie Sunday

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  • Prayer for When a Family Member Dies
    Today’s Reflection LOVING GOD, we don’t always understand your timing, but we trust that you are good. We know that you hold us in your hands and wrap your love around us when we we are sad. We are sad today, Lord. Comfort us with your presence. Grant us peace in our hearts. Fill our […]
  • Finding God in Nature
    Today’s Reflection I SEE GOD every day when I look at the pink and orange morning sky and the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. I see God every time I dive into the silent depths of the ocean. I’m aware of God when I stop and look at God’s creation. In these moments, […]
  • Rhythms of Life
    Today’s Reflection STABILITY OF THE HEART does not come naturally. But the simple rhythms of tending to body and soul — making oatmeal and saying prayers, keeping house and singing songs — bring me back to a center, to a still point that is fixed in this place. I do not know how to eliminate […]

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