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  • Hurt
    This week’s featured book: Texting Through Cancer by Jan Woodard  Today’s Reflection I wish I could ask our world, “Where does it hurt?” and somehow say everything will be all right. But that’s already been done for us. The Beloved is near, even as we crash due to our own delusions. Jesus takes on our […]
  • Mustard Seed
    This week’s featured book: Texting Through Cancer by Jan Woodard  Today’s Reflection Where is my faith when I need it? I thought of the tiny globe on a gold chain in my jewel box, a mustard seed inside. A gift from Grandma Watrous. That’s what I need, I told myself, faith like Grandma’s. A mustard […]
  • Celtic Prayers
    This week’s featured book: Texting Through Cancer by Jan Woodard  Today’s Reflection Cancer helps me turn ordinary moments—laughing, weeping, eating, worshiping, writing, gardening, praying, discovering—into encircling acts of holy protection. And humbling moments too, such as leaning on my husband and others like I did on my walking stick in Iona. I have learned from […]

RSS UMC News Headlines

  • Church helps drill more than 80 boreholes in Malawi
    Since 2010, a partnership between Kansas and Malawi United Methodists spans over 9,000 miles and provides life-changing ministries.
  • It is time to separate
    “As Genesis 25 says of Rebekah’s twins, we are like two nations struggling in the same womb,” writes former university chaplain.
  • Another GC2020 delay brings relief, chagrin
    While not disputing COVID-19’s ongoing threat, some delegates expressed frustration that so many big decisions about The United Methodist Church’s future remain on hold.
  • A vision of new United Methodism
    Just as the world will face a new normal due to ways that COVID-19 has changed us, the new United Methodism will definitely be different, writes a Dallas pastor.
  • The content of our character
    Leading into Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Religion and Race top executive calls for the church to address its institutional racism.
  • Planned denomination gets name
    ‘Global Methodist Church’ is choice of traditionalists planning to separate from The United Methodist Church.
  • Church responds to chaplain's call to help soldiers
    A National Guard chaplain got Bibles, games and 150 copies of a new book about courage when he turned to Wesley Theological Seminary for help keeping soldiers occupied in Washington in the aftermath of the Capitol insurrection.
  • Can a divided church serve a divided society?
    As The United Methodist Church heads toward possible separation, a pastor reflects on what history can teach us.
  • Discipleship's top executive dies of cancer
    United Methodists of varying views remember the Rev. Junius B. Dotson as a leader committed to Christ and a protocol negotiator hopeful about the church’s future.
  • General Conference postponed until 2022
    Organizers have postponed the full General Conference, including proposals for a church split, until 2022 when delegates can meet in person. A special one-day, virtual General Conference is planned for May 8.